STEVE Cowboy


Used action figure, complete.


Action figure doll-type, measuring approximately 20 centimeters (8 inch), with clothes of the Outfits #246 COWBOY.


STEVE is considered the "cousin" of BIG JIM, it measur about 5 cm less than the latter and it is of much less good quality but the facial features are very close to BIG JIM.

It finds its place in France on the stalls of bazaars or fairs in the 70s.


Details on the condition :


Action figure :

In Perfect condition !


Clothes and Accessories :

In Excellent Condition : the strap of the rifle was cut.



STEVE L'AVENTURIER was made by DEL in the 70' / 80'.




-Is not suitable for children under 36 months - contains small elements that can be ingested.


Vintage Action figure Doll-type for adult collector.

The colors and details of the contents may slightly vary from the model presented.

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  • Condition : used
  • Manufacturer : DEL

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