Presentation of Jouets Collector

Fan and collector since forever, I know the anguish of The "missing part". It is to allow all to find this "PART" that I created this site.

Since 2006 on Ebay known as "Le Repaire du Collectionneur" held by Momolesbontuyau, your servant.

Then on the web with the site "M.L.B Toys and Comics Universe" which since the end of 2011 became "Jouets Collector" and today is the new version of my shop that I present.

And it is in this perspective of service and continuous improvement that I invite you to contact me at the coordinates below if you had a specific request.

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Some explanations

Do not worry, no big phrases full of pompous terms (like pompous for example); only some explanations on questions you might ask yourself as:

Where do the products on sale come from?

Why apply this or that tariff for this or that thing?

What is the difference between a figurine in Very good condition and one in Excellent condition?

For all those who his ask this kind of questions, I leave you the following chapters where I promise to try to make the shortest and the clearest possible and if you do not find the answer to your question here, contact me to:

At the Chapter:

1) The operation of

2) Pricing of items sold.

3) My criteria and rankings of second-hand items.

4) My promises and commitments.


You are ready ? So let's go !


1) The operation of

I propose to follow by step "my daily" or by where passes all the objects of the site before being on the screen of your computer.

a) The first step is to find these objects or figurines and acquire them of course.

b) The second consists of sorting and listing all these acquisitions on the pages of the inventory (which at the time of writing are 30 pages long), subjecting them to careful examination to indicate the slightest defect if there is any second-hand items from private individuals) and I speak as well of defect on the object, if it is out of packaging, than on the original packaging if it is provided with.

c) The third is the ritual of cleaning and "revising" second-hand "used" toys, degreased and checked some need a drop of grippe or remove a stain of felt or rust, others they need heavier repairs then they are clearly entered in the description of the product and the repairs "too" heavy are lowered in the category "Low prices".

d) The fourth step is the "photographic step", a face and back shot for the blistering objects *, at least three different side shots for boxed objects and a minimum of three photos for the figures and Vehicles Loose *. So that there is no misunderstanding you will notice also a difference of "Background" on the photographs: a black background for the new objects, a white (or almost, small light problems) for the objects of opportunity and blue for the WAP *.

* Refer to the LEXICON below.

e) The fifth and final stage, the creation and installation of the page "article" on the site as well as the storage in the drawers and shelves of the stock of which you have a small preview on the page.

Here you know all the way traveled by the objects before arriving in your hands, which brings us to the next chapter.


2) Pricing of items sold.

What justifies the price of the objects put up for sale?

First: The purchase price, everyone suspects that a shop will not survive long by selling cheaper than what it paid.

Second: All the steps mentioned before in chapter 1, indeed they take an enormous amount of time and like saying a duck named Balthazar "time is money".

Thirdly: The expenses incumbent on any company like: rental of a space, electricity, connection, social charges, stationery ... for this part I minimize by having a showcase "only" on the internet but open to the world.

And finally: The rating, the rarity and the condition of the object, I am not the type to over the value or even apply with force the real value and if I make a good deal why not to benefit my clients, but it must be admitted that some rare items takes a lot of effort to find and that is sometimes enough to justify its price.


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