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Various toys years 60 70 80 Parts, Accessories and Weapons



New arrivals


    M.A.S.K series 1 : BOULDER HILL of 1985   Used Playset and action figures loose, Complete....

    €275,00 inc. tax


    M.A.S.K Series 2 : HURRICANE of 1986   Used vehicle and action figure loose, Incomplete.   Vehicule,...

    €46,00 inc. tax

  • Baron FANGG Geologist

    BIG JIM Space series : Baron FANGG outfit Geologist #9408 of 1984   Used action figure,...

    €55,00 inc. tax


    BIG JIM Basic BIG JEFF Grip Hands of 1976   Used action figure, incomplete.   Action...

    €55,00 inc. tax

  • Captain HUNT

    MANTA FORCE : Captain HUNT of 1987   Used figurine loose .   Action Figure in...

    €4,00 inc. tax

  • CROC v3

    THE CORPS série 4 "Red Card" World Force Reponse Team : CROC v3 of 1996   Used...

    €15,00 inc. tax


    GHOSBUSTERS Plasma series : Slimed SPENGLER of 2021   New action figure in blister .   PVC...

    €29,00 inc. tax


    M.A.S.K series 4 "Split Second" : FIREFORCE of 1988   Used vehicle and action...

    €70,00 inc. tax

  • PISCES Aphrodites

    KNIGHTS of the ZODIAC SAINT SEIYA Gold Saints : Aphrodite of PISCES (little part repaired on the armor...

    €40,00 inc. tax

  • Big Jim Commander

    BIG JIM Space series : COMMANDER (repaired see details !) of 1984   Used action figure, incomplete.   PVC...

    €38,00 inc. tax