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The shop is constantly changing and new references back in stock every week.

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Star wars

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Bravestarr Cops Dragonball G i joe tt
Cosmocats Maitres de lunivers Mask Etc


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Editions lug semic Marvel super heros Spider man Spawn
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Street fighters Mario Halo Retrogaming
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Other Collections


Big jim Bd franco belge Action force Figurines horreur
Action man joe Produits derives bd tv The corps Etc


Parts, Accessories and Weapons


The P.A.W (for short) are there for you to complete your  figurines "Loose" with weapons or accessories but too, for replace certain parts broken or lost on their vehicles and Playsets.

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Little Prices



The "Little Prices" are not the "remnant sales"!

They are, for the creators of diorama, "custom" or simply for the genius repairers, a chance to acquire cheaply the figurines or accessories to feed their passion, that can be better than having to buy a new products or one in perfect condition.

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