Irradiated SPOCK

STAR TREK II : The Wrath of Khan 25 th Anniversary 2 pack" Death of Spock" : Irradiated SPOCK of 2007

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Used Action figure, incomplete.


18 centimeter action figure, fully articulated, from the two pack "Death of Spock" this action figure is sold without its accessories (normaly 3 extra hands).


Details on the condition :


In Excellent condition : just a small mark of glue on its back !


Made by DIAMOND SELECT TOYS and Art Asylum in 2007 for the 25th Anniversary of the Movie STAR TREK II :The Wrath of Khan.




-Is not suitable for children under 36 months - contains small elements that can be ingested.


Collector figure recommended from 4 years.

The colors and details of the contents may slightly vary from the model presented.

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