MEGA DRIVE II (Genesis 2)

Video Game console : MEGA DRIVE II (Genesis 2) + COOL SPOT of 1995

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Video Game console used.

Video game console SEGA MEGA DRIVE II (GENESIS 2 for U.S) with the video game COOL SPOT.

Complete with one Joystick, scart cable, user manual, warranty and COMIX ZONE poster. A new power adapter replaces the original one lost.


Details on the condition :

The console and its accessories have been tested and work perfectly! (Cool Spot game pictures taken on Cathode Ray Tube TV)

Outside Appearance :

The console box is like new we see no any alteration !

The controller has scratches and rubbed at below, above small traces of light friction and one more stronger on the START button.

The cartridge is like new


The MEGA DRIVE II, was made in 1993 by SEGA. This video game console was buyed in 1995




-Is not suitable for children under 36 months -


The colors and details of the contents may slightly vary from the model presented.

  • Condition : used
  • Manufacturer : SEGA

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