Play Asterix CACOFONIX of 1980

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Used action figure loose, complete .


PVC Action figure, measuring approximately 10.5 centimeters (4 inch), complete with all accessories : cloak, scarf, bench, lyre and Carnyx (Gauls musical instrument).


Details of conditions :


Action figure :


In Excellent condition : Very small wear of the paint at various locations and right foot a little bit yellowed.


Accessories :


In Excellent condition : Cloak, scarf, bench and Carnyx are in Perfect condition but the Lyre is just in Good condition one string is broken.


Action figure vintage for adulte collector.

This collection of action figures PLAY ASTERIX  was made by TOY CLOUD in 1980.




-Is not suitable for children under 36 months - contains small elements that can be ingested.


The colors and details of the contents may slightly vary from the model presented.

toy gallic toycloud play asterix collector vintage action figure

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